Looking for delivery regularly and quicker lead times?
Our DevOps leverages communication, tracking, pipelines for the tool chain, automation and adoption of the cloud. Through automating the end-to-end delivery process and enabling continuous integration and growth across leading cloud platforms, we ensure rapid on-boarding of applications with our DevOps as a service offering. With our DevOps consulting, we help large companies and startups align their Development and Operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster marketing time and better software building quality with early identification of emerging issues, allowing the code to always be in a releasable state.

Our DevOps service includes

CI/CD Pipelines

  • Continuous Build & Release
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Test automation

Container orchestration & Kubernetes

  • Container orchestration
  • Container  lifecycles
  • Dynamic environments using Dockers & Kubernetes
  • Google Kubernetes, Azure AKS, AWS ECS

Consulting & Advisory services

  • Consulting and advisory services 
  • Feedback on well suited DevOps approach 
  • detailed assessment and review study of IaaS-PaaS and SaaS system Quality exploration sessions 
  • DevOps sophistication and road mapping

Environment management

  • Configuration management
  • Automated installation of applications at scale 
  • Zero downtime management
  • Planning, backup and recovery capabilities

Monitoring Services

  • Monitoring of application performance
  • Monitoring of network infrastructure
  • Monitoring of databases
  • Monitoring of Website Availabilty 

Cost Optimization

  • Support & Maintenance and save your time 
  • Cost Analysis with our pre‑support auditing service

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